Cazcanes Tequila

For three generations, the artisans at Cazcanes have mastered the time-honored tradition of making Tequila the old fashioned way; with reverence, heart and bare hands.

With the blessing of the village, the nearly 300 year-old recipe was bequeathed to us so we could share the most truthful experience of Tequila with the world.

It all starts in the little town of Hostotipaquillo, Mexico. A hidden gem located 4,285 ft. up in the mountains, two hours north of Guadalajara where the ideal climate, natural spring water, and volcanic topography converge in perfect unison to help create a tequila that stands above all the rest.

In our minds, producing tequila is an art form, one we take very seriously. With Cazcanes, you wont find a large scale distillery producing tequila for multiple brands. What you will find is a boutique-style distillery that operates in harmony with the land, environment and natural spring that preserves it.

Cazcanes takes a distinctive approach to producing hand-crafted tequila from start to finish;

Cazcanes sources natural artesian water for our tequila. The water starts off as rain or snow high up in the pristine peaks of the San Pedro De Los Landeros Mountains. It slowly travels through natural minerals deep within the volcanic mountains before emerging at the Navichi springs.

We hand select each individual 100% Weber Blue agave for harvest during peak sugar levels to deliver a distinct Cazcanes taste. The “piñas” are then cooked, rolled, and squeezed by hand to extract and concentrate their flavors. Next comes fermentation using, natural wild yeast, followed by distillation in our alembic stills.

Our attention to detail continues through every step of our small batch process, until our tequila finds its final resting place in a hand-blown glass bottle.

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